Thursday, 28 April 2016

Max Ernst Surrealist Collage

Collage is a fantastic medium for showing off creativity. It's a very accessible art form and I'm always excited to see what young people will produce when let loose upon a stack of old books and magazines.

I decided to introduce this particular collage activity with a brief look at Max Ernst's work. I explained to the students how Ernst, like the other surrealists, tried to bypass the logical mind and create from deep within his imagination.

After this short introduction, the students looked through a selection of Ernst's collages, They were surprised, amused and intrigued by the bizarre tensions and juxtapositions found within his images.

The young people were then directed towards the pile of materials I laid out in the centre of the room. A successful collage lesson requires a wide range of source material, so I ensured the students had access to fashion magazines, history books, comics, catalogues and illustrated children's books.

With their scissors, glue sticks and wild imaginations the students gleefully set off on creating their surrealist collages. Here's a selection of their completed work!

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